Only die-hard fans will remember the birthdays of these talent show moguls

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If watching talent shows is your favorite pastime, you’ll skip this quiz. You’ll seriously impress us if you’re able to identify the birthdays of our favorite talent show judges.

If you keep up to date with your favorite talent show on social media, you’ve probably seen birthday posts for all your favorite judges. While some judges get an on-screen celebration, others are celebrated virtually.

Find out how many talent show mogul birthdays you know by heart with this quiz. It’s quite difficult, so don’t be ashamed to play again for a better score.

Talent shows celebrate milestone seasons

Recently we have seen american idol and Dancing with the stars participate in the celebration of the milestone seasons. american idol just wrapped up their historic 20 season, while Dancing with the stars ended season 30 last November. Both of these series broke boundaries in the talent show genre. american idol notably created some of the biggest stars, while the Dancing with the stars ballroom has seen some of the biggest stars.

Dancing with the stars should return in the fall with a giant change. The show will migrate to the streaming service, Disney+ for season 30. Even though fans are nervous about the change, cast members explained that the new format (no ads) opens up the possibility of spending more time in the ballroom.

As of now, there has been no official casting announcement. Several Dancing With the Stars moguls like Derek Hough, Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli shared their excitement for the new season and its format. Apparently Tonioli left the equivalent series in the UK, Come dance strictlyto focus on his role on the American show.

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