Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, June 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — During the HR Tech Workshop 2022, 4 main questions were addressed by the speakers. These issues are closely linked to the context of digital transformation of many companies in the Vietnam4 speakers shared their experience with in-depth knowledge in the field of HR.

Mr. Nguyen Cong Thuy – CEO of JobTest, head of the event organization committee

Speaking at the opening of the event, Mr. Nguyen Cong Thuy – The CEO of JobTest said: “The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the priorities of most workers around the world. According to a prestigious survey by the World Economic Forum, Forbes and Glassdoor, the top priority of workers after the pandemic is HEALTH. Along with this, it There is the trend of FLEXIBLE working which combines remote/home and office working (hybrid workplace).

Another HR issue that leaders and companies also have to deal with is that the Gen Z workforce has officially entered the workforce with a different working style and thinking than previous generations.

We would like to create a playground for business leaders, experts and HR specialists to discuss and find solutions so that they can effectively attract and lead the Gen Z workforce, improve the effectiveness of talent management in the company. This is the goal of the HR Tech Workshop 2022″.

Mr. Thuy also pointed out: “Companies must prepare the infrastructure, change the corporate culture and adopt a different mindset to attract and retain talent”.


M/s. Nguyen Huong Quynh – CEO of BambuUP Innovation Connection Platform

Offering effective leadership solutions for the digital workforce, CEO of BambuUP Vietnam – Ms. Nguyen Huong Quynh said: “There are 5 ways to lead in this ever-changing era, which are: Inspire by purposes; Do his best ; Enables the possibility of successful transformation; Continuous learning culture; Eliminate the monopolistic leadership style”.

Sharing at the event, Ms. Huong Quynh said: “Our world is changing very rapidly. Before World War II, it took people 25 years to double human intelligence, now it only takes 18 hours to double human intelligence. The company itself must be in a state to be always updated with the latest innovative elements There is a new trend that not everyone knows about, which is open creative innovation, leaders also need to know about this trend to leverage external resources so that they can promote the process of also a way for employees to see the company as an innovative and always creative company to make them more enthusiastic.These are some of the figures that show the tendency of companies to turn to external sources of innovation to let employees engage with these external innovations”.

Mr. Sam Neo – Founder and CEO of People Mentality, Stories of Asia & StoryBuddy – from Asia first AI writing tool – Speaker

APAC’s Leading Employer Branding Strategy Consultant – Mr. Sam Neo also shared 3 simple steps to create an employer branding strategy for companies: (1) Identify and optimize problem areas; (2) Equipment, Support and Brand Incentives; (3) Stimulate employee engagement and interaction by creating competition, fun and excitement.

He added: “When it comes to employer branding, one of the most important things is what you promise people with your brand promises, so it’s important to be clear. Making a promise with vague research is what makes first impression of a brand so bad. This means your brand is uncertain and candidates will start to wonder if your employer brand is really revealing anything. In short, you need to be real and honest about your employer brand”.

Mr. Colin Blackwell – Co-founder of Hyperion & Enablecode, Chairman of the Human Resources Committee of Vietnam Business Forum of the World Bank, Judge of Vietnam HR Awards – Speaker

Mr. Colin Blackwell, Chairman of the Human Resources Committee of the Vietnam Business Forum of the World Bank, shared the benefits of using AI technology in the field of HR. These are: Recruitment (talent acquisition): ability to identify suitable candidates and accelerate the recruitment process; AI eliminates human biases; Automation of administrative processes: Automation of standard HR processes and repetitive tasks; Integration: Integration training can be personalized for each employee according to their position and functions; Staff training: Big data containing information on previous job profiles and skills provides an excellent basis for AI e-learning platforms to provide training recommendations and appropriate training programs ; describe possible career paths; Employee retention: identify which employees deserve higher pay and which should be terminated; reward systems and recognition programs to further engage employees.

Again, Mr. Colin emphasized the importance of technology not only in HR management but also in our lives: “When you talk to the company’s IT department, they’ll say, well, we’ve programmed it and they’re working with the computer and making it pretty busy and important. Someone else has already coded some software /an application, you just need to install it, download it and use it.So in these two pictures, what would you like if you were a customer and what kind of invitation you should have.

When you have changed the difficulties around you, technology is the power to help you overcome”.

Mr. Colin Blackwell underline : “This is an event to share and update digital HR trends, the content of the event is built from the perspective of HR staff who stand in HR positions to provide solutions to the issues facing HR face”.


  1. Answer the question of the current challenge for companies to attract and retain talent. Mr. Nguyen Cong Thuy and Mrs. Nguyen Huong Quynh share:
    Mr. Nguyen Cong Thuy said: “In today’s market, high quality labor is very scarce, JobTest also specializes in headhunting and mass recruitment, even positions such as call centers for banks, market is really fierce competition. These are some of the current challenges businesses are facing.”.
    M/s. Nguyen Huong Quynh also shared: “The two people most scrutinized by employees are the CEO and the HRD. If we are not leaders, we call for change, we prove ourselves, we actualize changes, do not expect our employees to So after today’s session, the first thing and it is also very desirable that our staff must first change and apply the latest innovations.The speed of change must be faster so that we can attract more talents and retain them”.
  2. How to train digital leaders or how to invite digital leaders into the company?
    M/s. Huong Quynh share: “I have two thoughts on this. First, I don’t expect everyone to follow the trend. There are a lot of trends going on, but it’s important that we know how they fit together Business relevance is extremely important, even the term digital leader has a lot of things in theory, but applied to our business, we have to determine for ourselves the criteria of the digital leader whose business has need and what our specific business situation would be or how to attract them Every company will have an HR strategy called “buying people”. I believe that with today’s younger generation, if we have programs such as the incubation, early training and opportunities for them to do their best to grow, the strategy of rooming digital leaders is probably the right strategy at this stage”.

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