WME’s David Huntzinger to Join MrBeast’s Talent Management Firm Party

  • Talent management firm Night has hired WME head David Huntzinger to help run its games division.
  • Night, which manages top YouTubers like MrBeast, works with a number of streamers.
  • Huntzinger will continue to work with select clients, including Hasan Piker and AsmongoldTV.

Digital talent agent David Huntzinger has left Hollywood agency WME to work for management company YouTube Night.

Huntzinger has helped lead WME’s gaming and esports businesses for the past six years. At Night, he will serve as chief digital officer and work alongside CEO Reed Duchscher on managing the company’s gaming talent.

Duchscher founded Night in 2015 with his first client, YouTuber Typical Gamer. The company now runs an assortment of top “Minecraft” and “Grand Theft Auto” streamers, and most notably, top YouTube star MrBeast, who has 94 million subscribers.

The company, which has six managers, has helped MrBeast grow his businesses, including his ghost burger chain MrBeast Burger and chocolate brand Feastables.

Huntzinger is part of a growing trend of digital agents leaving traditional talent agencies for a more hands-on management role. Last year, WME agents Joe Izzi and Justin Greenberg left to work more closely with their client TikTok star Addison Rae, forming their own talent management company. In 2020, the most followed TikTok creator, Charli D’Amelio, and her family, created their own internal team and hired former UTA agent Greg Goodfried to run the business.

Huntzinger began his career in WME’s music division in 2017. He eventually led WME’s games division and expanded the team to five people.

At WME, he represented creators like YouTuber Markiplier; worked with his team to secure lucrative and exclusive contracts


deals for game creators and streamers like TimTheTatman and Lazarbeam; and created partnerships like political commentator and streamer Hasan Piker with


. He told Insider he’s also worked on several brand promotion and touring deals, and placed clients in films, like LazarBeam’s cameo in the movie “Free Guy.”

“The last five years for digital talent, and gaming talent in particular, have been really defined by these livestream deals,” Huntzinger said. “What’s really interesting on the management side of the business is your ability to dig deep into talent. With agencies, there’s so much going on that it’s harder to go deep the way you do. wish on certain projects.”

Huntzinger will continue to work with Piker (2 million Twitch followers) (who will also continue to be represented by WME), OTK (466,000 subscribers), and AsmongoldTV (1 million subscribers), among others, at Night.

“The difference between a manager and an agent is that an agent is very transactional and tries to get deals done,” Huntzinger said. “Managers can really help shape your thought process around your business, help you understand what it means, set the roadmap for how to get there, and a lot of that isn’t not necessarily related to money, it is also a matter of strategy and planning.”

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