Five talking points from RTÉ’s new talent show

Dean from Dublin is the first contestant to sing for the judges and he is confident that his time in a Westlife tribute band (as Mark, much to Nicky’s dismay) will help him in his performance. When asked what he would spend the €25,000 on if he won the competition, he has an unusual dream: buying a mobile home.

He chose to sing This Love by Maroon Five, which did not wow the judges. They agreed that he should have challenged himself with a rock category song instead to show how versatile he could be. However, they still support him, and Samantha Mumba sums it up perfectly: “I’m emotionally invested now. I want your man to have the mobile home.

Alex is not afraid to defy expectations

Alex last singer standing

Alex is the next to challenge Dean. He sings a Shawn Mendes song specifically because judge Nadine Coyle describes it as difficult, much to the judges’ admiration. Was it the right choice?

Sure. Alex’s natural showman took over and wowed the crowd. A cheeky smile and seductive dance as he took over the stage impressed the judges, who opted to save him and send Dean home.

Alex’s next turn involved singing songs from the 2010s and his rendition of Chandelier by Sia was flawless. His choice to sing a traditionally female song an octave lower could have backfired, but again his bold choice was the right one – although judge Samantha Mumba said she was disappointed he didn’t. not opted for a high note “à la Westlife” to finish.

Can a shiny shirt seal the deal?

Basit last singer standing
Basit last singer standing

Model and singer-songwriter Basit was the only brave soul to challenge Alex to sing after his powerful performance and he said his metallic shirt alone would carry him through, noting that Uptown Funk was the only choice for him to ” do the shirt justice.” Said he wasn’t the best singer but he could put on a show. Can the shirt save the day?

Basit surprised everyone with her smooth, easy voice, which the judges said added a sexy touch to her performance. That, combined with his assured movements, made quite a spectacle. It’s up to their fellow contestants for this round to decide who to send home and who to keep in the competition: a choice to throw out the weakest or get rid of their biggest competitor.

Alex is saved once again, but only by a vote. This format definitely keeps everyone on their toes.

Public participation has become more serious

After a round decided by the judges and another by the candidates, the third and last song is decided by the public. When Alex is presented with the artist categories Coldplay and Tina Turner, he chooses the former and opts for the ballad Fix You over the audience Viva La Vida. Will he regret his choice?

Her emotional and vulnerable performance drew cheers from the crowd, but Anna’s powerful rendition of a Tina Turner hit throws a spade among the pigeons. As Samantha Mumba notes, she is happy that the public picks the winner of this round as it would be hard to pick a favorite. With the decision not in the hands of the judges and the contestants, the two singers have no idea who the public will choose.

Anna really wants to sing Incy Wincy Spider


A running joke throughout the episode is how Anna hopes her childhood party trick will hold her own in the competition: her rendition of the nursery rhyme Incy Wincy Spider. Alex chooses her to challenge him in the final round, will we hear the song and see the hand choreography?

We all knew we would see it. Nicky leads the audience singing ‘Anna! Anna! Anna!’ to encourage him. “This is going to be so embarrassing,” she exclaims before dragging Nicky into her performance. The fact that she made not one, but four popstars sing Incy Wincy Spider on national television, with judges Nadine Coyle Joey Fatone and Samantha Mumba following in the distance, should endear her to the favor of the crowd.

She then belts Tina Turner’s iconic River Deep Mountain High, but she’s ticked off to the position by Alex, who gets 59% of the public vote and automatically advances to the Grand Finals. Anna is out of competition and four new faces will join the competitors who haven’t given their all yet.

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