La Plata County 4-H adds outdoor survival skills project and talent show – The Durango Herald

October marks the start of our new 4-H year, which means we can introduce new projects and events.

One of our new projects that we will be offering is an outdoor survival skills project. It will teach our youth how to be safe and resourceful outdoors. It will include training in first aid, outdoor cooking, camping essentials and outdoor safety.

One of our new events will be a regional talent competition. This event will be open to all 4-H’s in La Plata, Archuleta, Montezuma, and Dolores counties, as well as San Juan County, New Mexico. Our 4-H members will have the chance to show off their talents as dancers, singers, instrumentalists and actors. I know we have a lot of very talented 4-H members, so it will be great fun to bring them all together and give them the opportunity to compete regionally.

This weekend we have our 4-H Awards Banquet, where we celebrate our 4-H members and their tremendous successes this year. Thanks to our amazing community, we are able to buy 200 rewards which will be given to our exceptional members.

Many prizes are awarded at the overall standings of a species where our members were judged on their performance in the ring, their showmanship skills, their book of records and the carcass of the animal.

We will also award a prize to our best (female) horse of the year. This is a tough prize to get because you need to be able to ride well in three different styles, compete in all of our equestrian events, and do well in our record books and demo shows.

Our members who qualify for these awards work hard year-round and are able to learn many valuable skills. They learn responsibility by caring for and working with their animals every day, communication by working with each other and with adult leaders, leadership by helping fellow 4-H workers improve, and skills public speaking skills by attending 4-H meetings, giving a mandatory demonstration speech and interview with a 4-H judge and answering the judge’s questions in the ring. Our members are truly exceptional people and adhere to our slogan “Learning by doing”.

Later in October we will be hosting a Halloween party at Jack-a-Lope Acres in Ignacio. This party is for all current and potential 4-H members. If you are considering joining 4-H, please contact the Extension Office and we will provide details on membership and our Halloween party.

Our goal is to make 4-H welcoming and inclusive for everyone; part of that is keeping registration fees as low as possible. It only costs $25 to join La Plata County 4-H for the year, which includes project manuals and most of our local activities. We also offer scholarships for registration, camps, and state leadership events.

Now is the perfect time to join La Plata County 4-H. If you would like to get involved in our 4-H program as a member or volunteer, contact the La Plata County Extension Office.

Angela Fountain is the La Plata County 4-H Youth Development Officer. Contact her at or 382-6460.

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