Pitch Perfect Male Talent Show Singers Who Could Hit the High Notes

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The talent shows we love constantly present us with talented singers that leave us in awe. Every once in a while a singer comes along with a voice that hits such a high octave that even Mariah Carey would be impressed. Here are 8 male singers from Talent Show who showcased such rare talent.

Jimmie Herrod

Jimmie Herrod impressed the judges so much during his audition that he received a Golden Buzzer. He performed “Tomorrow” from the hit Broadway musical Anne. Jimmie’s voice immediately brought the room to a halt and shocked all of the judges, finally giving him a standing ovation. The Portland, Oregon native advanced to the finals but fell short against magician Dustin Tavella. Fans who miss Herrod can listen to his album Fall in love and learn to love me.

Greg Pritchard

Greg Pritchard taught us all the lesson of never judging a book by its cover. In 2009, the England has an incredible talent The contestant walked onstage with his hair on end and wearing a leather jacket. Watching it, we thought we were hearing the next rock star, but we were wrong.

Pritchard sang Giacomo Puccini’s classic “Nessun Dormà”. Many fans as well as the judges watched in confusion. At one point one of the hosts thought a recording was playing and Pritchard wasn’t actually singing, that’s how amazing he was.

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert was the runner-up on Season 8 of american idol. He took the Idol step by storm, merging his theatrical experience and giving him a rock star edge. His rendition of Aerosmith’s “Cryin” is considered one of the best performances on the american idol stage. Lambert was so talented that the remaining members of Queen incorporated him into their signature band. Shortly after his Idol season, Lambert embarked on a world tour with the band. Fans can now see Lambert in the new talent show Clash of the Cover Bands.

Dimash Kudaibergen

Dimash Kudaibergen appeared in the 2019 talent special, Best in the world. The crowd and the 50 expert judges were all on their feet, inspired by the voice of Dimash Kudaibergen. He performed “All alone,” and he got big. Adorned with an old gold ensemble the masked singer alum, ended her performance by taking the audience on a journey through her six-octave range.

The singer shocked everyone when he withdrew from the competition to allow young singers to win. Recently, it was announced that Kudaibergen would be on a new, untitled China-based reality show. The show will not be a singing competition.


When Donovan opened his mouth during his season 16 America’s Got Talent hearing, Judge Sofia Vergara leaned over to Simon Cowell and asked “How does he do that?” Cowell simply replied “I don’t know.”

Donovan showed why he’s a popular TikToker when he performed “Think of Me” by The Phantom of the Opera. The singer told the judges his eyes were on Broadway. Last summer, Donovan performed in a concert with the PRIMA Theater featuring music by Queen and Journey.

Che Chesterman

Che Chesterman appeared on UK X Factor in 2015. He started his rendition of Jessie J’s “Who You Are” and his nerves showed. As he continued his performance, the cheers from the audience gave him enough confidence to show off his talent and hit high marks as his audition drew to a close. Chesterman is now working on music and touring the club scene after appearing on the show.


Sammulus played the legendary Sylvester in season 12 of America has talent. The singer showed his charisma as well as his energy when he brought showmanship to the To have talent stage. His “Mighty Real” performance at the Judges’ Cuts had the audience on their toes. Sammulus continued to perform in shows after his stint on AGTbut he recently revealed he had turned to humanitarian work and helped feed more than 6,600 Afghan refugees at a military base.

Travis Prat

Travis Pratt stood quietly above the audience and waited to surprise them all with his voice. During his Season 8 audition, Pratt showed viewers that he was an opera singer. The judges beamed not knowing what to expect. Pratt continued to touch the hearts of viewers when he immediately proposed to his girlfriend. Pratt is now a fitness expert as well as a voice coach.

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