Pokimane announces move to talent management with RTS agency

Streamer Imane “Pokimane” Anys today announced a new venture as the Creative Director and Founder of a new talent management agency known as RTS. The company will focus on talent and brand consulting in the gaming and esports space and has a number of other big names in the gaming space in its ranks.

Alongside Pokimane will be former Twitch COO Kevin Lee, host and presenter Sue “Smix” Lee, ex-ELEAGUE Commissioner Min-Sik Ko, and former COO Kim Phan. Blizzard esports. The move was described as “the biggest announcement of Pokimane’s career” by the streamer yesterday, as she teased on Twitter.

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Plans for RTS have been in the works since 2020, according to CEO Stuart Saw. “Imane and I started talking last year about how we can build RTS to reimagine the creator economy and esports in a way that focuses on the sustainability of our industry,” Saw said in brand announcement. “She has such a keen eye on the business, which will be a huge asset to creators and brands who really want to make a long-term difference.”

According to his statement in the RTS press release, Pokimane’s main motivation is to pass on the benefits of his years in the streaming game to new talents who may be struggling to monetize the success they achieve. to obtain. “I keep seeing amazing creators doing wonders with their content and streams, but they don’t have the support to grow their brand and business operations. They spin their wheels on basic stuff and accept a lot frustrating partnership deals that don’t work for any of the parties involved.

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She continued, “I’ve been through the wringer with these experiences, and we’re building RTS to be able to provide support, lighten the workload, and solve this problem for creators, developers, and brands. My goal is to take my years of experience and make it accessible to new creators so they don’t have to go through the process I endured.

According to their site, RTS will work with Epic Games and their Fortnite World Cup, as well as the beleaguered social media platform Facebook. The site also claims that RTS is a co-owner of the Evolution Championship Series, a fighting game event owned by Sony that has always been one of the leaders in the fighting game scene.

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