Talent management firm sues Emma Laird in commission dispute | KFI AM 640

LOS ANGELES (CNS) – ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ star Emma Laird is being sued by a talent management firm for allegedly failing to pay commissions after her company manager left and started her own company. .

Luber Roklin Entertainment Inc.’s lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against the British actress alleges breach of contract. The lawsuit also seeks accounting as well as a court declaration that the company is entitled to 10% of all gross income earned by Laird from any of his jobs in the entertainment industry from last November in 2021 until present, as well as for completed projects. during the term of the parties’ agreement.

LRE also seeks unspecified damages. A representative for Laird, 25, could not immediately be reached for comment on the lawsuit filed on Tuesday.

“This action arises out of Laird’s wrongful failure and refusal to pay entertainment management fees owed to LRE for LRE’s talent management services,” according to the lawsuit.

When Laird signed with the company, she agreed to pay 10% of all gross income Laird received from entertainment projects entered into or substantially negotiated during the time LRE represented her, regardless of when she did receive that compensation, the suit says.

Laird was represented by LRE when she got her breakout role on the Paramount TV series “Mayor of Kingstown,” the suit says.

“The series was an instant hit and, unsurprisingly, Laird benefited immensely from it, both professionally and financially,” according to the lawsuit.

Laird’s deal to star on the show was “undeniably made during the term of LRE’s performance,” according to the lawsuit.

“Mayor of Kingstown” is a crime television series created by Taylor Sheridan and Hugh Dillon that also stars Jeremy Renner and Dianne Wiest. The show premiered last November and was renewed for a second season in February.

In late 2021, the LRE manager who worked with Laird quit the company and started her own talent management company and allegedly asked the actress to pay her commissions directly, the lawsuit says.

“Laird apparently obligated,” the suit reads.

When LRE asked Laird to remit all allegedly overdue commissions she had paid to the former LRE manager and to remit all future commissions to the company, she “ignored these requests, leaving LRE d ‘no choice but to pursue this lawsuit,’ the lawsuit states.

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