Talent Show Meant To Feature Extreme Daredevil Acts Leads To Extreme Injuries

I’ve seen enough high-flying acts on America’s Got Talent often wonder about the level of danger involved. I wonder, for example, how safe is it for gymnasts performing 100 feet in the air to do so, which I assume is an unknown step? It’s only a matter of time, I often think, before someone gets seriously hurt.

It happened. There is a spin-off of America’s Got Talent in works called America’s Got Talent: Extreme centered on daredevil acts, and during a performance this week, someone was extremely hurt.

The death-defying act involved a daredevil stuntman named Jonathan Goodwin, who appeared on America’s Got Talent in the past – in fact, Cowell once remarked that a stunt performed by Goodwin on England has an incredible talent was the closest he had ever seen to someone committing suicide on live television.

In this week’s stunt, he nearly did. Goodwin is currently in the trauma unit of a local hospital after sustaining ‘brutal injuries’. The stunt involved being suspended by the feet 70 feet in the air while in a straitjacket. Goodwin had to pull himself out of the straitjacket and fall onto an air mattress below him before swinging cars on either side of him crushed the stuntman in between. He didn’t come out in time. The cars not only sandwiched Goodwin, but when they collided, the cars exploded, “bursting into a gigantic fireball,” according to TMZ. Goodwin fell 70 feet to the ground and landed on his head. The injury was so severe they initially thought he was dead, but by the time he was airlifted he was conscious and responsive.

This is why we do not celebrate or promote death defying acts. Sometimes they don’t defy death, or at least extreme injury. We obviously hope for a full recovery from his injuries (and also for NBC to pull the plug AGT: Extreme before someone else is seriously injured or worse).

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