Walk The Line: Covid Hits New Maya Jama Talent Show

Maya Jama’s new talent TV show Walk The Line may be canceled as one of the judges had to be dropped from tonight’s (Wednesday) show due to the coronavirus.

Singer, TV personality and judge Alesha Dixon has been in close contact with someone who tested positive, so as a precaution she was cut from the live broadcast – instead appearing via video link from her residence.

Always one to shed some light on a situation, Bristol’s favorite presenter Maya Jama asked Alesha about her work-from-home outfit choice, asking “What’s on your feet?”

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Alesha jokingly replied, “Slippers!”, showing a fluffy pair to the camera.

Users have taken to Twitter to question whether the last-minute decision to have Alesha Dixon judge at home is quality television, with some saying a substitute judge should be at hand.

Ryan Glendenning tweeted, “Why is Alesha judging from home? Shouldn’t they have an alternate judge for her?”

Tonight’s show sees Bristol singer Ella Rothwell go up against four acts for a quarter of a million pounds, as they try to knock her out of the competition.

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